Friday, February 25, 2011

Congratulations Connor!

So glad to see how amazing EazyOn Sports Spray is selling!  I see it's keeping you on the road so you can get all the Ski shops stocked up;  but get ready.........you will be traveling out of ski country as many people other Sports Enthusiasts are wanting it too.  

Your You Tube videos are great and the interview at Ski Mountain at Fast Trax Ski shop tells so much about how to use the spray.  Shows how popular and how much people are loving EazyOn.  You can easily see the smile on their faces while putting their ski boots on.  Imagine how much more energy you save by not having to struggle on and on with your boots!  More energy left for the slopes!

The fact that is really keeps feet dry is amazing!  Now we can have it all...... Good luck on the road and get home soon.  Tammy, Texas